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September 2015

GOING ATMOS: Hands-on With Silver Series & CT-265IDC In-Ceiling Speakers

David Susilo of WifiHifi Magazine is no stranger to the Atmos experience, having 53 Atmos commercial theatres under his belt. After reviewing our Silver series system, complete with four CT-265IDC speakers for the Atmos channel, Susilo was undeniably impressed and went on to say that Monitor Audio's set of speakers "performed closer to a true Dolby Atmos commercial theatre setup than any others I've tried. And they do that without breaking the bank." More comments are below:

"With the IDC module installed, these speakers become true three-way designs, offering superior performance and flexibility over typical two-way or fixed angle speakers."

"With the in-ceiling speakers, the imaging was amazing and the speakers almost disappeared. However, when the thunder struck, I could clearly locate the source of the thunder, but still not the speaker itself."

"I felt like I'd been 'abducted' by the aliens"

"I almost forgot I was using in-ceiling speakers instead of Atmos-enabled speakers. Yes, the dispersion angle is that wide."

"The speakers were impressive overall - it turns out the 18-degree angling capability makes a whole lot of difference for an Atmos experience. The Silver series, and especially the CT-265IDC, truly create an amazing enveloping sound."

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