PL300 II technology
  • 2 x 8" RDT®II long throw bass drivers
  • 4" RDT II mid-range driver
  • MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer designed specifically for Platinum II
  • 2 x HiVe®II ports
  • New patented 'DCF' (Dynamic Coupling Filter) mechanism for more natural sound
  • Bespoke speaker terminals and footings
  • Underhung, edge-wound voice coils: greater driver efficiency and lifelike dynamics, less distortion
  • Bolt through drivers: clearer sound and cleaner aesthetics
  • Anti-Resonance Composite (ARC) mid-range housings and baffle components: reduced cabinet vibration, purer sound quality
  • TLE (Tapered Line Enclosure) sealed internal enclosure for mid-range drivers: greater sound accuracy and reduced cabinet vibration
  • Hand-upholstered front baffle: the very highest quality Inglestone leather supplied by Andrew Muirhead
  • Individual driver grilles
  • Finish options: Santos Rosewood or Ebony natural wood veneers with clear gloss piano lacquer, or Piano black gloss lacquer



System Format

3 Way - 4 Driver

Frequency Response (-6dB - IEC 268-13)

28Hz - 100kHz

Sensitivity (1W@1M)


Maximum S.P.L.

117.8dBA (pair)

Nominal Impedance

4Ω (4.2Ω min. @ 111Hz)

Power Handling (RMS)


Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS)

100 - 300W

Cabinet Design

Two HiVe®II ports
Sealed mid-range TLE enclosure

Drive Unit Compliment

2 x 8" RDT®II long-throw bass drivers
1 x 4" RDT II mid-range driver
1 x MPD high frequency transducer

Crossover Frequency

MF/HF: 3.4kHz
LF/MF: 500Hz

External Dimensions (Inc. plinth) (H x W x D)

1113 x 410 x 470mm
(4313/16 x 161/8 x 181/2”)

External Dimensions (Inc. feet & spikes) (H x W x D)

1158 x 410 x 470mm
(459/16 x 161/8 x 181/2”)

Weight (each)

54.52kg (120lb)

Professional reviews

Hifi Pig

PL300 II

January 2017

Hifi Pig Review The PL300 II

Here is a fantastic review on the PL300 II by Lionel Payne from Hifi Pig! Lionel says the "PL300 II's more than satisfy with their dynamics, fine detail and soundstage. A real tour de force! Highly Recommended!"

More great quotes from the review are below: 

“The sound from these wonderfully attractive loudspeakers is so beguiling it is hard to fault.” 

“...I immediately recognized that here was a pair of loudspeakers with some very special attributes.”

“I’m fairly sure that the output from the ribbon tweeters is the sweetest that I have ever heard.”

“The clean, smooth sound and wide open soundstage immediately grabbed my attention…”

“I’ve listened to this track and indeed, the whole album many times but this presentation through the PL300ii’s transcended anything I’d previously heard. At the end of the track I appeared to be in a world of my own as the music had simply taken over my being!”

“The bass is quick, agile and tuneful and it can plumb the depths with the very best.”

“The ribbon tweeter, or Micro Pleated Diaphragm high frequency transducer if you prefer, is a wonderful addition whatever you wish to call it… It really does sound excellent and produces highs that are crystal clear with real panache and not one iota of over emphasis which can lead to a fatiguing overall sound.”

“I can’t praise these loudspeakers highly enough and, quite frankly, given the funds for purchase I would happily pay the asking price.”

Read the full review

NOVO Magazine

PL300 II

November 2016

PL300 II: NOVO Magazine Review

The very first issue of NOVO Magazine (previously Canada Hi-Fi), features Monitor Audio's PL300 II on the cover, along with a fantastic review inside written by Malcolm J. Gomes. He says the PL300 II "will reward you with performance that will take your breath away." Malcolm seemed so impressed by the PL300 IIs that he goes on to say...

"If there is another pair of current speakers that deliver this elevated level of sonic performance, build quality and sheer aesthetic beauty at this price point, I have not yet encountered them."

The FULL review can be read in the Nov. / Dec. issue of NOVO Magazine. 

More great quotes from the review are below: 

"Each whack of drumsticks on the skins was crisp, taut and controlled. Then the horn joined in with incredibly breathtaking grain-free glory; sheer sonic bliss."

"The tone and timbre was spot on while the bass was deep, tight and tuneful."

"I played the track 'Brothers' and revelled in the way the PL300 II painted the huge soundstage with such composure, it made these three intrepid musicians sound glorious."

"The leading weight, edges and decay of each piano note were rendered with the same panache and realism as I have heard on some speakers at twice the price."

"Mark's gravelly voice was portrayed with most of the tonal colours and saturation that I heard at many Dire Straits live concerts."

Download the full review

PL300 II

October 2016

Stereophile PL300 II Review

The November issue of Stereophile magazine features an amazing review by Robert Deutsch on the Platinum PL300 II speakers. Robert seemed extremely impressed by the PL300 II, saying "Monitor Audio has always been known for the solid quality and value of their speakers; with the Platinum PL300 II, they've hit one out of the park.

              It's my new reference."

More great quotes are below...

"The sound was so good that I had difficulty maintaining the requisite Stereophile reviewer's poker face."

"With the PL300 II again, more than with any other speaker I've reviewed, the sounds I heard from vocal recordings were overwhelmingly those made by the singer, not the resonances of the speaker reproducing the voices."
"The sound was highly detailed: playing familiar recordings, I repeatedly heard things I hadn't before been aware of."

"...the treble range was smooth and extended, with a natural quality that neither emphasized nor diminished this part of the audioband."
"...the bass was extended and powerful, and blended well with the rest of the range."

"The PL300 II's depth of soundstage and precision of imaging within the soundstage were apparent the first time I heard them, and continued to impress."

Read the full review

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