If a pin drops, you’ll hear it. When the orchestra plays, it plays for you, so vividly and with such effortless scale you’ll believe you’re ten rows from the stage. This is the magic of high-end audio as experienced through the Platinum II speakers. Whether it’s a power chord exploding from a towering backline, the majesty of a choir soaring in union or the spell-binding gravity of a solo performance, you’ll sense the chemistry of music and musician more than ever before.

For over forty years our work as engineers and audio enthusiasts has been dedicated to this unveiling. With our most advanced driver, crossover and acoustic systems set within luxurious cabinets, we’ve tuned the virtues that have won Monitor Audio worldwide acclaim to a new intensity, allowing rarefied audio transparency to be revealed and enjoyed. Platinum II is our magnum opus, as inspirational and satisfying to us as we hope it will be to you.


Platinum II - Craftsmanship

The Platinum II cabinets are a statement of immaculate craftsmanship. Each is hand-built with the expert precision of the finest furniture makers, employing multiple laminations of veneer that are formed into a curved rigid shell. For the finish, natural wood veneers in Santos Rosewood or Natural Ebony are pair-matched, applied and hand-coated with 11 layers of clear gloss piano lacquer, then polished to reveal the glowing lustre in the grain. Platinum II models are also available in a penetrating piano black gloss lacquer, which will offer a luxurious contrast with room décor.

The front baffles are hand-upholstered with the very highest quality Inglestone leather supplied by Andrew Muirhead and used to distinguish many luxury British brands. Such is the level of care lavished on the Platinum II enclosures that each requires as many as 144 hours to complete.


Platinum II - Technology

Platinum II offers you genuine audiophile performance with stunning design and materials specification. In the pursuit of ever lower distortion, no detail has been overlooked. Through meticulous FEA modelling we’ve optimised the operation of electrical, mechanical, magnetic and acoustic systems, introducing new discoveries to meet ambitious performance goals. The Platinum II range deploys an enhanced generation of RDT® bass and mid drivers, and for the first time in a Monitor Audio product, the MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer. Including improved crossover and speaker terminal designs together with proprietary ARC®, TLE, HiVe®II technologies, Platinum II builds on the award-winning advances of over forty years to create a high-end speaker range that is utterly faithful to the source.


Product lineup


Professional reviews

PL In-Wall II

August 2016

Platinum In-Wall II Sets Category Benchmark

"Impeccable sound quality" and "impeccable build quality". Just a couple of brief comments made by Robert Archer of CE Pro made when he reviewed the new Platinum In-Wall II speakers. More great quotes from the review are below: 

"...I was immediately impressed with how big the speakers' soundstage was and how airy the lively Emmanuel steel-string acoustic guitar playing resonated within that soundstage."

"The PL In-Wall IIs were producing a deeper image, more detail and tighter mid-bass than my speakers, which I feel are a great sounding speaker too."

"The speakers were able to provide pinpoint imaging on this track..."

"I loved how smooth and punchy my Train downloads sounded through the speakers."

"...the speakers are well engineered to produce a very involving listening experience from an in-wall mounting position."

"I found the speaker to deliver Monitor's design goal, which is to offer a speaker that matches the sonic capabilities of its in-room products."

"Monitor has created a speaker that arguably sets new performance standards in the architectural speaker category."

Read the full review

Son & Image

PL100 II

May 2016

PL100 II Review from Son & Image Magazine

"This is a 2-way with both power and control, and without exaggeration, sounds life-like." 

In the latest issue of Son & Image magazine, you'll find a great review review written by Michel Leroux, on the the PL100 II bookshelf speakers from Monitor Audio's new Platinum Series II.

Michel was thoroughly impressed, saying that the PL100 II "offers good tonal balance with a solid reproduction of bass, mids and highs, offering excellent control, dynamic range and transition between low and loud levels."

More quotes from this great review are below... 

"...offers great balance between the bass, mid-range and treble. There's a natural and smooth feel through the mid-range, with a silky rendering of details from the new high frequency transducer. The MPD design never pushes the treble too far."    

"The subtle strength of these 2-way speakers, together with the harmonious separation of instruments in the soundstage, creates an intense listening pleasure, with a sound that goes toward being soft and sweet rather than analytical, in full respect of the instruments natural timber."

"Besides looking great in any interior, the new PL 100 II will please those looking for compact and aesthetic loudspeakers with musical generosity."

The Audio Beat

PL500 II

March 2016

PL500 II - Audio Show 2016 Review

Roy Gregory from The Audio Beat was introduced to Monitor Audio's PL500 II loudspeakers at the 2016 Audio Show and named it one of the Hot Products of the show...

"It looks even bigger in the flesh, while standards of fit and finish put many a high-end wannabe to shame (irrespective of price) with a black lacquered central cabinet visually offset by the leather baffles and high-gloss veneers on the larger enclosures top and bottom."

"...an attractive and impressive package."

"...there’s far more to this speaker than just a pretty face, with plenty of technology to back up the bold visual statement, a fact underlined by the sheer scale and power of the sound on offer."

"...this wasn’t just about brute force, the speakers proving capable of considerable air and delicacy when required, making these genuine high-end contenders."

"...this is a product that threatens to cut a lot of the competition off at the knees."

Read the full review

CES Show Report 2016

PL500 II

February 2016

PL500 II CES Launch!

"The surprise of CES for yours truly, the Monitor Audio Platinum PL500 II."
     - Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

"...exceeded sonic expectations, delivering high-end quality (think Raidho-like) beyond those well-known brands' respective price categories."
     - Julie Mullins, The Absolute Sound

"...in a world where seven-driver, three way designs featuring custom-made drive units in a cabinet that stands as tall as a man can cost the spendy side of $100,000, a loudspeaker that sounds this good commands respect."
     - Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi +

The Audio Beat

PL200 II

February 2016

PL200 II Wins Jimmy Award

Jim Saxon from The Audio Beat visited the Monitor Audio suite at CES 2016 and seemed to be quite impressed with the PL200 II speakers:

"Their six-foot-tall Platinum 500 II loudspeakers commandeered the living room. Although the display was fine, on the way out my ear caught a more ingratiating melody from the bedroom. There, the diminutive floorstanding Platinum 200 II was mated to Cyrus electronics to sterling effect."

"At a conversational volume level, the Platinum 200 II was tonally balanced and sweetly detailed, a panacea for overburdened auditory ossicles." 

"For Best Bedroom-Sized Stereo System, Monitor Audio shares a Jimmy Award with Cyrus Audio."

CES Show Report 2016

PL200 II

February 2016

PL200 II CES Launch!

"Monitor Audio has indeed taken a major step toward the ever-elusive impression of 'live' sound."
     - Robert Deutsch, Stereophile

"...sonics were rich, nicely weighted, with excellent integration of the difficult-to-handle tweeter/midrange transition."
     - Neil Gadar, The Absolute Sound

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