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  • Top mounted control panel - for easy access to volume and EQ settings.
  • 18mm MDF cabinet construction with internal bracing
  • 250W RMS Class D amplifier with switching power supply
  • Downward firing 10” Ultra long throw, C-CAM bass driver.
  • 12 Volt trigger input – For power on/ standby control from AV amplifier.
  • Crossover/ frequency control. Variable from 40z-120Hz
  • Low pass filter switch – for LFE or Stereo input selection
  • 0-180 Phase switch
  • Power switch with ON – Auto- Off/ trigger settings
  • Stereo/ LFE RCA inputs
  • Stereo/ LFE link outputs
  • Silicone rubber anti-resonance feet
  • 2 x Pre-set EQ settings – for Music or video programme optimisation.


Low Frequency Limit

28 Hz (EQ1)

25 Hz (EQ2)

Upper Frequency Limit

40 - 120 Hz Variable

Low Pass Filter Alignment

12dB / Octave variable

+12dB / Octave fixed (2 stage)

Cabinet Specification

Sealed Cabinet of 18mm (3/4) M.D.F. construction

Amplifier Output (RMS)

250 W

Amplifier Classification

Class - D Digital amplifier

Driver Complement

1 x 10" C-CAM® subwoofer driver

Input Impedance

20K Ohms

Mains Input Voltage (factory preset)

110 - 120 Vac / 220 - 240 Vac


External Dimensions (H x W x D): mm (inches)

370 x 320 x 320

(14 9/16 x 12 5/8x 12 5/8)


11.87 (26 1/8)

Professional reviews


November 2012

Radius HD 5.1 System Review

“The degree to which the slender R270HD towers and compact sub opened up my room was astonishing. I saw portions of my walls I haven’t seen in two years.”

“I was immediately struck by the clarity and crispness of the Radius HD’s tweeters. Delicate high frequency sounds like the glass breaking as the Comedian goes through the window in the opening scene and the water rushing off Nite Owl’s Owlship were extremely detailed, without being overbearing, sharp or piercing.”

“The R225HD centre channel in particular impressed me, delivering true, natural sounding dialogue, without any of the characters sounding boxed-in or tinny.”

“…very even, consistent sound field, with panning sounds being extremely consistent and not changing in tone as they moved around the room.”

“The level of detail the Radius HDs displayed, especially in the high frequencies, really brought the award-winning mix of music and effects present in this album to life.”

“…if I had been wearing a blindfold during testing, not once in a million years would I have guessed that these speakers were as small as they actually were. I found their performance to be impressive both with music and film.”

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