• Dedicated Stand Dedicated Stand
  • Bookshelf Bookshelf
  • C-CAM drivers C-CAM drivers
  • Ribbon Tweeter Ribbon Tweeter
  • Driver size 5 1/2in
  • Footprint 170mm x 263mm
  • 2-way 2-way


GX50 technology
  • C-CAM® (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) ribbon transducer design – providing extension to a class leading 60KHz
  • HiVe® port technology for better transient response and tighter bass
  • C-CAM RST® (Rigid Surface Technology) bass/mid-range driver
  • Single bolt through driver fixings for improved bracing, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling
  • Die-cast alloy terminal panel arrangement with high quality bi-wire terminals and high end spade type link cables
  • Pureflow® Silver internal cabling
  • Selected premium quality wood veneers or high gloss piano finishes.
  • Rigid 20mm MDF construction throughout, employing radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity resulting in low cabinet colouration
  • Invisible magnetic grille fixing provides clean visual styling when used with the grille off


System Format

2 Way

Frequency Response

55 Hz - 60 kHz

Sensitivity (1W@1M)

86 dB

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms

Maximum S.P.L (Per pair in room)

109.8 dBA

Power Handling (RMS)

100 W

Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS)

50 - 100 W

Bass Alignment

Bass reflex. HiVe port system

Crossover Frequency

2.3 kHz

Drive Unit Compliment

1 x 5.5" RST bass/mid-range driver
1 x C-CAM H.F ribbon transducer

External Dimensions excl Stand (H x W x D)

300 x 170 x 263 mm
(11 13/16 x 6 11/16 x 10 3/8 inch)

Weight (each)

7.5 Kg (16.5 lbs)

Professional reviews


November 2012

New Golds Show Revolutionary Fervour

“…these are some of the most natural-sounding speakers we’ve heard from Monitor Audio.”

“There’s a fine sense of transparency and balance to the GX50s sound.”

“The ribbon tweeter sounds especially sweet, affording high frequencies a show-stopping level of refinement and finesse.”

“…low frequencies sound tight, punchy and agile.”

“Vive la revolution!

For: Great build and finish; clean, transparent presentation; sweet treble,
articulate bass.

Against: Nothing of note.


November 2012

Shall We Be Speaker-Centric?

“Perhaps the folks who sell specialty home theater gear for a living should focus more on speakers like the Monitor Audio Gold GX: on their seductive curves, on their quality of construction, on the startling clarity of

their ribbon tweeters.”

“As impressive as the monitor and center are, it’s the sub that takes your breath away… LEO is as simple as sub room correction ever gets.”

“The movie activated the Monitor ribbon’s full and extended high-frequency response in a manner that was surprisingly smooth and sweet… Dispersion from the ribbon tweeters was excellent throughout.”

“...with holographic imaging and a lush, golden smoothness… This was a deeply pleasurable and enlightening experience.”

“The Monitor Audio GX Gold speakers are for the questing audiophile who’s looking to transcend the limitations of run-of-the-mill dome-based tweeters and low-tech woofers…”

"Special commendation goes to the GXW-15 subwoofer, one of the most cleverly designed I’ve ever reviewed… As compelling as the speakers are in their own right, the sub is even more so for its advanced design and features.”


December 2012

START ME UP - GX50 Loudspeaker Review

"Visually the GX50 strikes a premium pose from any angle."

"Construction quality and cabinet finish are as good as they get in this price segment. Tolerances appear tight—literally seamless, in fact."

"The GX50 is a midrange-dominant loudspeaker that shines brilliantly on vocals... It relishes the delicacies of musical texture, air, and bloom. It's very effective for its size in mid- and lower-level details and dynamics with an engaging sense of 'being there'—an attribute that encourages you want to keep listening."

"The ribbon is, as I'd expected, sweet, smooth, and superbly detailed in the transient realm."

"Although the GX50 is more a finesse loudspeaker than a headbanger's dream, that's not to say it completely lacks low-end punch; there's genuine 60-70Hz capability here, and perceivably a bit more further down. It's small mid/bass driver is articulate and more than capable of holding its own on tracks from the Rutter Requiem, many of which feature the undertow of a pipe organ beneath the large chorus."

"...Taken on its own terms, the GX50 is beguiling in its strengths and serious in its intentions, and with that ribbon tweeter adds a distinctively sweet flavor to the under-$2k category of loudspeakers."

- Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, January 2013


January 2015

GX50 Review From SoundStage!

"In addition to its wonderful sense of pace, the GX50s bore other hallmarks of the Monitor sound: superb retrieval of detail, precise imaging, and taut, punchy bass."

"...the Monitors did a wonderful disappearing act as music filled the space between and around the speakers. The musicians were spread across the front of the room as the GX50s outlined their positions with pinpoint precision."

"The plucks of various stringed instruments -- including acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass guitar -- were crisp and clear, the timbre of each well articulated. Garcia’s voice was placed center stage, in the same plane as the speaker baffles, sounding open and natural, as if he could have been in the room."

"By allowing me to hear the low-level sounds coming from the audience, the Monitors did a nice job of communicating what it must have been like to be in the crowd at this small venue more than 40 years ago."

"With “Prologue,” from Loreena McKennitt’s The Book of Secrets (CD, Quinlan Road 19404), the GX50s again showcased two of their best attributes -- precise imaging and superb soundstaging -- by evoking a tangible sense of depth and sound that emanated from beyond the outer edges of the speakers to create a vast, three-dimensional stage."

"...each instrumental timbre was distinct and clear as day, occupying its own space before me."

"Listeners who value detailed sound will find much to appreciate in these speakers, whose clean sound made it easy to listen deep into the music to hear precisely what was going on."

"Given the GX50’s relatively small size, one thing that surprised me about it with “Prologue” was the drum, the sound of which had enough weight to underpin the music, while its reverberation gave a sense of the space in which it had been recorded."

"I found that percussion was well reproduced through the Monitor Audios, whose mid- to upper bass was agile and incisive, making it the perfect complement to the speakers’ overall excellent clarity."

"The speakers sounded so clean that they were able to illuminate each section of the orchestra, and allowed me to hear plenty of detail. In addition to the fact that there’s a lot happening in this music, War Dance has a pounding rhythm -- the Monitors did a fine job of conveying this performance’s sense of urgency."

"With the Gold GX50, Monitor Audio has produced another fine loudspeaker. It possesses all the hallmarks of the Monitor house sound, along with incisive detail and tight, punchy bass. I found myself drawn to listen to voices through these speakers -- their midrange reproduction was very natural and open, and their ability to produce a well-defined, precise soundstage was outstanding."

"Combined with their sharp visual appeal and solid construction, the Monitor Audio Gold GX50 is a fantastic speaker in a small package that should win over a lot of listeners."

- Philip Beaudette, SoundStage Hi-Fi!, December 2014

Read the full review


November 2012

GX50: Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

Monitor Audio's GX50 has been dubbed a Hi-Fi Choice recommended speaker in their loudspeaker review, claiming a full five stars overall.

"Monitor Audio's GX50 speaker is a potent performer, majoring on insight, clarity and soundstaging. It opens up recordings in a way that few price rivals can."

Read the full review in the November 2012 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.


March 2012

GX50 Review by Trusted Reviews

"Absolutely fantastic. Give them a chance to warm up and the first thing you notice is how incredibly polished the ribbon tweeter makes high frequencies sound. This is most apparent when playing music, where hi-hats and tambourines skip along with a level of finesse and smoothness that only comes from speakers of this calibre. We’ve heard a lot of compact 5.1 systems that dig deep for detail and offer pleasing top-end, but it’s all relative – step up to this level and there’s an extra transparency, openness and authority.

These sweet high-frequencies aren’t left hanging either – they’re backed up by solid midrange and gobsmackingly punchy bass, making the overall sound perfectly balanced and tightly knitted. Their nimble yet weighty bass performance really is superb, allowing them to thump dance music kick drums through your chest with impeccable timing, but with the sensitivity to add splashes of depth to gentler ambient noises.

Try them with TV or movies and you get a sense of the GX50 speakers' versatility. They take noisy action scenes in their stride, coping admirably with dialogue and explosions – often simultaneously – and if you crank up the volume to unreasonable levels there’s not a trace of harshness to be heard. It’ll be interesting to hear how they fit into a full 5.1 system."

Read the full review

Gold GX

November 2011

Setting the Gold Standard

Home Cinema Choice magazine gives their verdict on the Gold GX Series with an all round 5 star approval across the board.

In the latest January 2012 issue of Home Cinema Choice magazine our Gold GX series was reviewed, tried and tested for performance, design and features and then rewarded with a fantastic overall review of 5/5 stars across the categories.

Here's a snippet taken from the full review "Running through Pirates...had me scribbling all sorts of notes ('huge, rich, foundation-shifting bass with power and grip'; 'nil flex on the 15in piston'; 'Exciting, musical and able to create a sense of scale'), but all you need to know is that I loved this system with a passion."

Read the full review


November 2011

What Hi-Fi? GX50 Review

"The ribbon tweeter sounds especially sweet, affording high frequencies a show-stopping level of refinement and finesse."

Awarded a full five stars

Read the full review

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User reviews

Average user rating

Roy Phair Monitor Audio UK


January 2012

Very crisp clear musical sound similar in their presentation to the bbc monitor speakers but they do lack emotion

Roger Gottlieb Monitor Audio UK


August 2011

I listened to B & W CM4 and CM5. To some paradigm 20's (very nice speakers). But the GX50s just blew me away. They are so small, but the sound is so bright, warm, and clear. These are incredible speakers. (I listen to mainly classical.)

Mike Dennis Monitor Audio UK


July 2011

A stunning new speaker, excellent dynamics, detail and sound stage for such a compact loudspeaker and to top it off they look great in Gloss White. The new ribbon tweeter matches the all new mid/bass driver to a "T" well done Monitor Audio in bringing a taste of the Platinum series down to the Gold series. 90% of the performance for a fraction of the price.
At last a great performing speaker that matches my second system.

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