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January 2015

GX50 Review From SoundStage!

"In addition to its wonderful sense of pace, the GX50s bore other hallmarks of the Monitor sound: superb retrieval of detail, precise imaging, and taut, punchy bass."

"...the Monitors did a wonderful disappearing act as music filled the space between and around the speakers. The musicians were spread across the front of the room as the GX50s outlined their positions with pinpoint precision."

"The plucks of various stringed instruments -- including acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass guitar -- were crisp and clear, the timbre of each well articulated. Garcia’s voice was placed center stage, in the same plane as the speaker baffles, sounding open and natural, as if he could have been in the room."

"By allowing me to hear the low-level sounds coming from the audience, the Monitors did a nice job of communicating what it must have been like to be in the crowd at this small venue more than 40 years ago."

"With “Prologue,” from Loreena McKennitt’s The Book of Secrets (CD, Quinlan Road 19404), the GX50s again showcased two of their best attributes -- precise imaging and superb soundstaging -- by evoking a tangible sense of depth and sound that emanated from beyond the outer edges of the speakers to create a vast, three-dimensional stage."

"...each instrumental timbre was distinct and clear as day, occupying its own space before me."

"Listeners who value detailed sound will find much to appreciate in these speakers, whose clean sound made it easy to listen deep into the music to hear precisely what was going on."

"Given the GX50’s relatively small size, one thing that surprised me about it with “Prologue” was the drum, the sound of which had enough weight to underpin the music, while its reverberation gave a sense of the space in which it had been recorded."

"I found that percussion was well reproduced through the Monitor Audios, whose mid- to upper bass was agile and incisive, making it the perfect complement to the speakers’ overall excellent clarity."

"The speakers sounded so clean that they were able to illuminate each section of the orchestra, and allowed me to hear plenty of detail. In addition to the fact that there’s a lot happening in this music, War Dance has a pounding rhythm -- the Monitors did a fine job of conveying this performance’s sense of urgency."

"With the Gold GX50, Monitor Audio has produced another fine loudspeaker. It possesses all the hallmarks of the Monitor house sound, along with incisive detail and tight, punchy bass. I found myself drawn to listen to voices through these speakers -- their midrange reproduction was very natural and open, and their ability to produce a well-defined, precise soundstage was outstanding."

"Combined with their sharp visual appeal and solid construction, the Monitor Audio Gold GX50 is a fantastic speaker in a small package that should win over a lot of listeners."

- Philip Beaudette, SoundStage Hi-Fi!, December 2014

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December 2012

START ME UP - GX50 Loudspeaker Review

"Visually the GX50 strikes a premium pose from any angle."

"Construction quality and cabinet finish are as good as they get in this price segment. Tolerances appear tight—literally seamless, in fact."

"The GX50 is a midrange-dominant loudspeaker that shines brilliantly on vocals... It relishes the delicacies of musical texture, air, and bloom. It's very effective for its size in mid- and lower-level details and dynamics with an engaging sense of 'being there'—an attribute that encourages you want to keep listening."

"The ribbon is, as I'd expected, sweet, smooth, and superbly detailed in the transient realm."

"Although the GX50 is more a finesse loudspeaker than a headbanger's dream, that's not to say it completely lacks low-end punch; there's genuine 60-70Hz capability here, and perceivably a bit more further down. It's small mid/bass driver is articulate and more than capable of holding its own on tracks from the Rutter Requiem, many of which feature the undertow of a pipe organ beneath the large chorus."

"...Taken on its own terms, the GX50 is beguiling in its strengths and serious in its intentions, and with that ribbon tweeter adds a distinctively sweet flavor to the under-$2k category of loudspeakers."

- Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, January 2013


November 2012

Sound+Vision GX200 System Review

“Excellent build quality and equally impressive sound make the Gold GX a great choice for a multichannel system.”

“…outstanding definition and clarity in the highs, and a soundstage that extended well beyond the towers’ physical locations.”

“The Gold GX system’s crisp, finely layered presentation proved an especially good match for surround music. ..excellent tonal match between the front channels and GXFX surrounds made songs… sound wonderfully seamless. It was like being immersed in a pool of dense, ambient guitar and bass.”

“Drums and bass sounded clean and dynamic — I could clearly feel the wallop of kick drum in my chest. Monitor Golds managed to convey the dense spatial swirl of percussion instruments, keyboards, and background vocals while maintaining excellent clarity on guitars and Bryan Ferry’s frontand-
center vocals.”

“…rain really sounded as if it was pouring down in dense sheets from the front of my room. During the chase that ensues, sound-effects pans as the
cars swirled and spun out had a convincingly full, near-360° trajectory. The GXW-15 sub was hardly a wallflower during this sequence. When a freight
train slams into the cab mid-chase, the resulting impact was bone-rattling."

“The GXC 150’s spot-on tonal match with the towers resulted in excellent front-stage clarity.”

“Monitor Audio’s Gold GX system is a well-crafted speaker package that’s capable of pinning you to the couch on movies and drenching your ears with detail on music.”


November 2012

SoundStage! Hi-Fi GX300 Review

“The sound of the strings was so natural and so brilliantly articulated that I could hear the hollow resonance of the guitar body behind them... I was impressed with the levels of resolution and neutrality conveyed by the GX300s.”

“Listening to it through the GX300s was revelatory: The congestion was gone, leaving me with a deep, wide soundstage. Legend’s and Pink’s voices were imaged with levels of dimension and texture that I hadn’t heard before.”

“In just 20 minutes of listening, it was quite obvious that the Gold GX300 was no stranger to showcasing details; in fact, the speaker seemed to thrive on it.”

“Monitor Audio’s Gold GX300 offers tremendous value to anyone in the market for a mid sized floorstanding speaker.”

“The more time I spent with the Gold GX300s, the more I came to appreciate their distinctive tonal purity and dynamic range, and their uncanny ability to breathe life into pretty much any recording. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Gold GX300. I can’t help but give it my highest recommendation.”


November 2012


“...I unboxed the review pair and discovered two of the most exquisite-looking, best-finished cabinets I’ve seen on any speaker near this price, or even double it.”

“The finish was flawless; with the wood’s warm, reddish glow and the cabinet’s soft, rounded edges, the GX100s had the appearance of fine furniture.”

“I consistently heard a very crisp sound with detailed, incisive highs that portrayed instruments and voices with precision and distinction.”

“As impressed as I was by the GX100’s ribbon tweeter, I was equally impressed by its midrange-woofer, which, in conjunction with its solidly constructed cabinet, helped the speaker deliver deep, powerful bass. When I closed my eyes, I could have sworn I was hearing a pair of floorstanders.”

“I found its sound highly engaging, and capable of holding my interest. I was able to sustain my utter enthusiasm for its sound for long periods without
ever getting fatigued.”

“...the buyer of a pair of Gold GX100s will be rewarded with something he or she can own and cherish for many years. Highly recommended.”


November 2012

TAS: GX300 Review

“The overall presentation of the GX300 is fast, punchy, holographic, and exciting.”

“This ribbon’s extended, airy, and remarkably smooth high-frequency response is one of the first things that jumps out when auditioning the GX300… In fact, the overall presentation of the GX300 is fast, punchy, holographic, and vividly exciting. This is a speaker that hits the ground running.”

“The enclosures are beautifully finished, and the entire package has a feeling of elegant class.”

“The GX300 bass response strikes a fine balance between the nimble and weighty.”

“Vocals too, are very fine,… the GX300 was always revealing of technique and phrasing, with good overtones, solid presence, and a strong sense of each singer’s conviction.”

“The GX300 also presents a big, bold, rather upfront soundstage that still conveys a good impression of depth. On the San Francisco Symphony Mahler recordings I’ve recently written about, the stage filled my back wall, and there was plenty of air around instruments, especially those in the high frequency range, and impressive front-to-back dimensionality.”

“Two areas in which the GX300 excels are dynamic weight and rhythmic momentum. As I said above, this speaker hits the ground running, and is a lot of fun to listen to.”

“This is a fine loudspeaker.”


November 2012

Canada Hi-Fi GX200 Review

"The GX200 is a very handsome floor standing speaker with a small enough footprint that it will fit into most listening environments. Monitor Audio says that this makes the speakers placement friendly, allowing them to be positioned relatively close to a wall.”

“The fit and finish appeared to be perfect.”

“The midrange was rich and neutral, as the bass line played cheerfully with good depth and articulation. The GX200’s offered excellent stereo imaging and effortless motion as the song demanded the ringing of the strings to flow between the channels.”

“I quickly realized just how much high frequency information these speakers were able to extract from the music. I literally heard high frequency components that I haven’t heard before. The C-CAM ribbon tweeter played with amazing speed and delivered awesome resolution."

“The GX200 reproduced the sound of the various guitars used throughout the album with extraordinary realism - I felt like I was playing guitar myself.”

“The Monitor Audio GX200 delivered an undeniably enjoyable, musically passionate performance during its stay in my home. I took it through the paces with all kinds of music, ranging from classical to hard rock and it always pleased me with its sound. Those who enjoy listening to jazz and classical should find this speaker particularly attractive since it’ll extract the finest details from high frequencies and provide a great three dimensional soundstage. The GX200 is indeed a great sounding speaker and offers excellent value at its price point.”

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November 2012

Buy 'em, keep 'em, love 'em!

"It delivers, clean, clear and vibrant high-frequencies and tidy, deep and powerful lows. Treble instruments and voices soar… The closer you get to naturally recorded, untreated a capella voices, the more important this becomes; The GX300 sailed through this test as if the designer had been listening to renaissance music when putting the GX series through its paces.”

“The other end is fabulously well-upholstered for so small a speaker, too… a lot of bass and a lot going on in the bass… Here, the GX300 gets the balance perfectly right — you could spend 10x as much and not get the same result.”

“The vocal articulation is excellent, and the midrange clear and true.”

“Ultimately, the Monitor Audio sound is one that is big and impressive. It casts a wide soundstage, with full-sized, solid instruments in their own sense of space within that soundstage. It goes loud too. All this, combined with the extension of top and bottom, gives you a sense of immediate impressiveness… few speakers at this price can deliver something this impressive sounding, and even fewer will deliver that while making sure you keep a satisfied smile firmly in place.”

“I can’t help but think Wilson Audio here. The GX300 are more than training wheels for a pair of Wilson Sashas, but there is a strong similarity in character. Both create a big sound, with lots of extension at either ends of the scale. Both have plenty of detail delivery and both have that ability to excite and stun in equal measure... Where the Monitor Audios win over the Wilsons is their ease in installation and equipment partnering… and that you can buy a wall of GX300s for the price of a pair of Sashas.”

“The GX300 gives you a lot of what real people want to hear... It just gives you the sound you like in a fuss-free package. What could be better?”


November 2012

Gramophone GX100 Review

“The pair of speakers I received for review, very smartly finished in Piano Black Gloss, had been used for a while before dispatch, so needed minimal running-in to loosen them up and have them performing as they should.”

“And the GX100s’ take on ‘as they should’ is undeniably impressive: this is a fast, dynamic, exciting loudspeaker design, capable of remarkable slam and drive in the bass, along with seamless integration through the midband and on up into one of the sweetest, yet most explicit, top-ends around.”

“Particularly striking is the openness of the treble, used to delicious effect…”

“Especially impressive is the sense of air and space in the sound, making the most of ‘location’ recordings, and the way the GX100s deliver a stereo image with both depth and precise location of instruments. With minimal toe-in the sound snaps into focus, and after that the speakers do a fine job of placing music in an entirely realistic fashion.”

“The may be larger than the common idea of compact speakers, but the additional weight and power they bring to music, allied to that smoothly explicit midband and sweet, beautifully extended treble, is more than sufficient payback for their extra size.”


November 2012

Shall We Be Speaker-Centric?

“Perhaps the folks who sell specialty home theater gear for a living should focus more on speakers like the Monitor Audio Gold GX: on their seductive curves, on their quality of construction, on the startling clarity of

their ribbon tweeters.”

“As impressive as the monitor and center are, it’s the sub that takes your breath away… LEO is as simple as sub room correction ever gets.”

“The movie activated the Monitor ribbon’s full and extended high-frequency response in a manner that was surprisingly smooth and sweet… Dispersion from the ribbon tweeters was excellent throughout.”

“...with holographic imaging and a lush, golden smoothness… This was a deeply pleasurable and enlightening experience.”

“The Monitor Audio GX Gold speakers are for the questing audiophile who’s looking to transcend the limitations of run-of-the-mill dome-based tweeters and low-tech woofers…”

"Special commendation goes to the GXW-15 subwoofer, one of the most cleverly designed I’ve ever reviewed… As compelling as the speakers are in their own right, the sub is even more so for its advanced design and features.”


November 2012

New Golds Show Revolutionary Fervour

“…these are some of the most natural-sounding speakers we’ve heard from Monitor Audio.”

“There’s a fine sense of transparency and balance to the GX50s sound.”

“The ribbon tweeter sounds especially sweet, affording high frequencies a show-stopping level of refinement and finesse.”

“…low frequencies sound tight, punchy and agile.”

“Vive la revolution!

For: Great build and finish; clean, transparent presentation; sweet treble,
articulate bass.

Against: Nothing of note.


November 2012

Monitor Audio Gold GX 5.1 Speaker System

"The Monitor Audio speakers delivered the richness of the doubled-up guitar strings with fullness in the mid frequencies and an amazing bell-like quality in the higher octaves. The depth and texture of this presentation was as close as I’ve heard from a real 12 string guitar."

"The ribbon tweeters reproduced the high frequencies of both instruments and voices with an amazing sizzle and a high level of detail. The tweeter presentation was airy, super clean and smoothly integrated with the mid frequencies, not once did I detect any harshness in the upper registers."

"The Gold GX series served up a perfectly balanced frequency range and one of the cleanest, luscious sounding mid-ranges I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in my home theatre."

"Whether I listened to music or watched movies, they never failed to engage me at the highest level. Voices and instruments sounded true-to-life and hence music was always full of emotion, regardless of choice of genre. On many occasions I felt like the performers were right in my room. During movies with good soundtracks (and visuals) the Gold GX series were capable of creating a total suspension of disbelief, making me feel like I was part of the action."

Read the full review


November 2012

GX50: Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

Monitor Audio's GX50 has been dubbed a Hi-Fi Choice recommended speaker in their loudspeaker review, claiming a full five stars overall.

"Monitor Audio's GX50 speaker is a potent performer, majoring on insight, clarity and soundstaging. It opens up recordings in a way that few price rivals can."

Read the full review in the November 2012 issue of Hi-Fi Choice.


March 2012

GX50 Review by Trusted Reviews

"Absolutely fantastic. Give them a chance to warm up and the first thing you notice is how incredibly polished the ribbon tweeter makes high frequencies sound. This is most apparent when playing music, where hi-hats and tambourines skip along with a level of finesse and smoothness that only comes from speakers of this calibre. We’ve heard a lot of compact 5.1 systems that dig deep for detail and offer pleasing top-end, but it’s all relative – step up to this level and there’s an extra transparency, openness and authority.

These sweet high-frequencies aren’t left hanging either – they’re backed up by solid midrange and gobsmackingly punchy bass, making the overall sound perfectly balanced and tightly knitted. Their nimble yet weighty bass performance really is superb, allowing them to thump dance music kick drums through your chest with impeccable timing, but with the sensitivity to add splashes of depth to gentler ambient noises.

Try them with TV or movies and you get a sense of the GX50 speakers' versatility. They take noisy action scenes in their stride, coping admirably with dialogue and explosions – often simultaneously – and if you crank up the volume to unreasonable levels there’s not a trace of harshness to be heard. It’ll be interesting to hear how they fit into a full 5.1 system."

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Gold GX

November 2011

Setting the Gold Standard

Home Cinema Choice magazine gives their verdict on the Gold GX Series with an all round 5 star approval across the board.

In the latest January 2012 issue of Home Cinema Choice magazine our Gold GX series was reviewed, tried and tested for performance, design and features and then rewarded with a fantastic overall review of 5/5 stars across the categories.

Here's a snippet taken from the full review "Running through Pirates...had me scribbling all sorts of notes ('huge, rich, foundation-shifting bass with power and grip'; 'nil flex on the 15in piston'; 'Exciting, musical and able to create a sense of scale'), but all you need to know is that I loved this system with a passion."

Read the full review


March 2012

GX100 Review by

"...When I unboxed the review pair and discovered two of the most exquisite-looking, best-finished cabinets I’ve seen on any speaker near this price, or even double it. With most speakers, the first thing I do is rush to set them up. With these, I just wanted to sit back and look."

"I found its sound highly engaging, and capable of holding my interest. I was able to sustain my utter enthusiasm for its sound for long periods without ever getting fatigued...the buyer of a pair of Gold GX100s will be rewarded with something he or she can own and cherish for many years. Highly recommended."


Read the full review


April 2012

Gramophone GX100 review

Classical music industry leading publication - Gramophone reviews the Gold GX100, with results we're equally impressed with...

Here's just a snippet "And the GX100s' take on 'as they should' is undeniably impressive: this is a fast, dynamic, exciting loudspeaker design, capable of remarkable slam and drive in the bass, along with seamless integration through the midband and on up into one of the sweetest, yet most explicit, top-ends around. The music is never any less than entirely controlled, and yet has that wide-open, rich, detailed presentation that just begs the listener to listen more closely to what's being played, revelling in the sheer amount of character and detail on offer."

Download the full review


April 2012

Hi-Fi News GX200 review

The "Home of Real Hi-Fi" gives an in-depth analysis of Monitor Audio's GX200 floorstanding speaker:

"The Patricia Barber recording sounded wonderfully three-dimensional, and with Reference Recordings' high resolution recording of the Tchaikovsky piece the GX200s came alive, the fine detail of percussion in the orchestra delivered with electrostatic-like transparency".

Read the full review in the May 2012 issue of Hi-Fi News available now.




May 2012

HiFi+ GX300 Review

In the current issue of HiFi+ (on sale now) the big brother's of the Gold GX range - the GX300s are under a full detailed 3 page review and we weren't disappointed with the results: 

"These are good, unfussy loudspeakers that don't force the listener into a bout of audiophilia nervosa. Buy 'em, keep 'em, love 'em!" 

"Ultimately the Monitor Audio sound is one that is big and impressive. It casts a wide sounstage, with full-sized, solid instruments in their own sense of space within that soundstage. It goes loud too. All this, combined with the extension of top and bottom, gives you a sense of immediate impressiveness".

Read the full review in April's issue of HiFi+ available now.


November 2011

What Hi-Fi? GX50 Review

"The ribbon tweeter sounds especially sweet, affording high frequencies a show-stopping level of refinement and finesse."

Awarded a full five stars

Read the full review

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User reviews

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Dany Monitor Audio USA


March 2016

The Monitor Audio Gold GX 200 is for sure one of the best values in the price range up to 7000 $ or even more. It's one of the most elegant designs of today's loudspeakers and beautifully veneered. Bass performance is simply one of the best I've ever experienced, both tight and remarkably deep. The medium spectrum ist very open and packed with details. Just neutral at its best. Highs are in the same league, very informative and sparkling - but not aggressive (unless you use very bad recordings). Summed up, you get a precise, very entertaining sound that is both "fast" and natural, offering an almost "live" caracter. If there's a "but", you could name the soundstage, that is more laterally present than very deep. Goes for all kinds of music. For example, a revelation for techno sound, but also ......... classic ! A real allrounder ! The good news is that the successor model (same size), the new Gold 200 is yet more homogeneous, with yet increased precision and improved imaging (= deeper soundstage, now perfect). Just avoid harsh and forward sounding equipment and cables, then you can't go wrong. Should be neutral or slightly warm stuff and precise in any case. And allow a long running-in time !

Mike King Monitor Audio UK


January 2015

I have had the GX200s for coming up to two years. They are fed by four monobloc cyrus x200 power amps. Bi wired and bi amped.I must admit, after around a week of owning them, i felt that i had made an expensive mistake. These speakers MUST have a long running in period. I have found that as time has gone on, they are now sounding absolutely superb. They are very critical of poor recordings. Magazine reviews dont do these speakers jusice, because of the lack of running in. I honestly dont think that i could get speakers to match these at the price and without having to spend at least £1000 more.

Enrico Pagani Monitor Audio UK


May 2014

This speaker has a big flaw: it sounds so good that invites you to grow more and more volume :-) .
The low frequencies are complete even at low volume and high frequencies are always very refined.
The punch is always present but never dominant, even in large rooms.
Rarely i'm so satisfied with a purchase like for this GX300.

David Porter Monitor Audio UK


January 2014

Over a year has passed since I had a personal visit at my home by Alex Brady to evaluate my system, shortly followed by Joseph Boyd setting up my new GX300 pair for me.

I am really convinced that Monitor Audio demonstrate that they really do care about their end user's satisfaction by these visits to me.

The speakers are exceptional and the second pair of Monitor Audio speakers I have owned, running these alongside some ten year old GS30s which still perform well.

The GX300 pair are driven by four monoblocks which deliver just over a 1000 watts to these beautifully finished items of performance furniture.

Thank you Monitor Audio much appreciated. DP

Frank Werkhoven Monitor Audio UK


March 2013

When i first met MA it was love at first sight. I have had the complete RX series, but the upgrade virus has hit me.

Now i own a GXC150 and GX200 both in High gloss white!! Very Very nice, i also have spare black grilles orded with it, looks ever more expensive!!

The sound is suberB with an even greater B...!!! Every time people say what a great sound they give, What kind of brand is that? Then i say: "Monitor Audio :) !!"
Now only have to upgrade my RXFX and my is a matter of time though!

Love Monitor Audio, it's the best you can have.

Frank from the Netherlands

Steve Truelove Monitor Audio UK


February 2013

Spent a few weeks auditioning speakers around the £2k price bracket, PMC 23s were the initial choice, Dali Mentor 5s were more exiting than the PMCs but sounded too harsh in places (may have been the source) then I heard the GX200s set up on similar kit to mine, they had the excitement but not too bright. Although I originally wondered if I had made a big mistake when I first set therm up at home, and I have had to try various different speaker positions, and had plenty of "Marmite" moments with these speakers, I have learnt a lot about my room dynamics in the process, but now with the GXs in the right position I am enjoying my music like never before, the TV is feeling unloved, and i know I made the right choice.
My only wish is I did not have to have them protruding out into the room so much to get the required distance from the rear wall, good job I am not married, but they still look fantastic in black.
Now I am on a drive to upgrade source kit to get even more out of the GXs.

Julian Nash Monitor Audio UK


December 2012

Just spent a couple of days auditioning several speakers around the £2k price mark. I was intending on buying either PMC, Spendor or B&W, then out of nowhere the GX200 came along. They were the most impressive of all of them. I liked the PMC Twenty 23 initially, but in comparison, they sound quite ordinary. The only problem with these speakers is that they are so detailed that they have rendered lots of my music unlistenable - the poor recordings are so obvious. Time to source some better quality stuff!

Juan Quirindongo Monitor Audio UK


November 2012

Owned a 5.1 GX300 set for a year. Outstanding clarity and gorgeous appearance. Phenomenal sound. GXFX speakers are dropping jaw. Extremely happy with my selection.

Michael Carlsson Monitor Audio UK


October 2012

I have Gx 300 and pioneer lx85 amp and chord signature speaker cables and the sound is nice with my system.

Robert Feldt Monitor Audio UK


July 2012

Very, very happy with my GX200. Highs are so pure and clear but bass is also very strong and life-like. Very impressed that it keeps its high quality sound also at very high volume levels; can sit outside on the balcony and still have hifi quality music experiences in nature.

And they are as exquisite and beautiful in the white high-gloss lacquer. :)

Jon Berg Monitor Audio UK


April 2012

Remarkably clear and musical, the GX100's create a full sound with plenty of detail. They are beautifully made with lovely wood veneer complementing the simple styling of the drivers.

As good as they look it was the sound that impressed me most. I was really impressed by the stereo image and the ribbon tweeter positions of hi-hats, cymbals and acoustic guitars. It blends seamlessly into the natural sound of the mid/bass driver so voices, strings, guitars, and other instruments stand out from each other in a coherent image. Plenty of solid and deep bass from a reasonable sized cabinet.

Very good speakers at any sound level. As engaging for late night listening as they are when turned up. Thank you!

Gordon Thomson Monitor Audio UK


February 2012

I purchased my GX300's in piano ebony and all i can say is that they look gorgeous and sound even better, sparkling top end, clear detailed mid range and deep articulate bass, stunning speakers!

Rey lacanilao Monitor Audio UK


February 2012

Love my GX200, so pure!!!

Keith Morgan Monitor Audio UK


February 2012

Just replaced my existing centre speaker from a well known make with this speaker and the audio from my collection of Blu Ray discs has come alive. People underestimate the value of the centre speaker in a good surround system. This speaker puts you into the action centre stage.

Roy Phair Monitor Audio UK


January 2012

Very crisp clear musical sound similar in their presentation to the bbc monitor speakers but they do lack emotion

Keith Morgan Monitor Audio UK


December 2011

I have just added GXW-15 Sub Woofer to my Monitor Gold system and the results are superb.I have other subs but the addition of this unit puts the icing on the cake. Select one of your favourite action DVD's turn up the wick and enjoy the base vibrations, superb, it's clean,deep and controlled. The quality of build, no cabinet extra vibration, is excellent. The manual is also well written and makes the speaker set up easy even for a novice.

philip dennis Monitor Audio UK


September 2011

Owned a pair of these for approx 1 month so still not fully run in. Phenomenal sound& beautiful build quality; image like nothing else on this side of £10.000+ tight bass & stunning mid range gx 300s are a bargain at this price almost as good as platinums but without the ruthless exposure of front end flaws !

Roger Gottlieb Monitor Audio UK


August 2011

I listened to B & W CM4 and CM5. To some paradigm 20's (very nice speakers). But the GX50s just blew me away. They are so small, but the sound is so bright, warm, and clear. These are incredible speakers. (I listen to mainly classical.)

Mike Dennis Monitor Audio UK


July 2011

A stunning new speaker, excellent dynamics, detail and sound stage for such a compact loudspeaker and to top it off they look great in Gloss White. The new ribbon tweeter matches the all new mid/bass driver to a "T" well done Monitor Audio in bringing a taste of the Platinum series down to the Gold series. 90% of the performance for a fraction of the price.
At last a great performing speaker that matches my second system.
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