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January 2015

TED Magazine: MASS System Review

“The C-CAM technology does wonders. The transitions are fast and accurate and there is no delays between each bass punch which is probably because of the rigid and light material used for the cones.”

“The C-CAM tweeters and woofers share an audible consistency producing a smooth transition in frequencies, which in turn allows a sense of realism and cohesion in the soundstage.”

“I don’t want to spend too much time on the subject of musical reproduction, except to say that it is very good for these types of speakers, actually the best I have heard so far.”

“What impressed me the most is definitely the way in which these speakers are able to combine musical subtlety and very large dynamics so well, all in one package.”

“...the sound of the rain falling all around you in order to create a sense of shelter is expandable and realistic, while conveying the song to the centre channel, which enables us to ship to a scene from the past, then the sound is brought to the surround speakers, and finally disappears into the distance. Absolutely remarkable.”

“In general, the MASS 5.1 is an astonishing speaker system; these speakers are surprisingly able to transmit very subtle details. It’s an immersive and seductive system, and the precise tonality will be perfect for atmospheric sound tracks. Fast speed and expressions mean frequencies are perfect for acoustical music, and for most of these other sound tracks.”

- David Susilo, TED by Quebec Audio & Video, April-May 2013


October 2014

MASS: Sound & Vision Top Pick!

“Big, bold, bombastic sound from a relatively small and quite affordable package.”

“The only name I can think of that would more accurately capture the essence of the MASS speaker system’s sonic gusto would require that the cabinets themselves be roughly spherically shaped and sold in pairs, and I’ll leave you to flesh out that bit of innuendo for yourself.”

“Unlike so many speakers of this size, the MASS 10s and MASS Centre cross over beautifully at 100 Hz when freestanding and 90 Hz when wall-mounted.”

“Even without the benefit of room correction, though, the MASS system delivered the dialogue with the utmost clarity, rendering every yibberin’ word cleanly and precisely.”

“I’ve heard very few speaker systems—especially at this price point—capture the supremely holographic qualities of the mix any better.”

“Amazingly, in 2.1 mode, the speakers delivered yet another astoundingly holographic soundstage that wonderfully penetrated the room.”

“...the system does so much so well that it raises one’s expectations beyond a reasonable point."

“...connect and configure the MASS system, fire up some decent demo material, and (spoiler alert) marvel at these relatively itty-bitty speakers’ ability to generate some absolutely gargantuan sound, with wonderfully holographic imaging, an enormous soundstage, and—perhaps best of all—virtually seamless integration between satellites and subwoofer, something you normally have to sacrifice with a speaker system this small.”

- Dennis Burger, Sound & Vision, December 2014

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October 2014

AV Forums Recommended!

“The Monitor Audio MASS is an impressive system in many ways.”

“The MASS is a dream to install compared to the fiddly and frustrating Cabasse and it sounds bigger and more refined with film and TV than the Eole does - and that hardly sounds small.”

“The optional floorstand has some nice design touches too. The first is that is has some reasonable weight at the bottom making it impressively stable. The second is that Monitor Audio has had the presence of mind to equip the stand with cabling. Instead of having to route cables up the thin tube (or in reality, decide that this is far too much like hard work and not bother), you simply attach your cables to terminals at the base of the stand.”

“...the MASS manages the most important achievement of any sub/sat system - it sounds bigger than it actually is. The climactic showdown between cops and crims in The Last Stand is handled with assurance and a sense of space that is very appealing.”

“The use of identical satellites means that the handover from speaker to speaker is seamless and this further aids the sense of being in the thick of the action.”

“The reproduction of fine detail is extremely convincing...”

“The MASS also manages to sound believable with voices and other details. The woods in Trollhunter convey a genuine sense of creepiness and claustrophobia and voices have the weight and impact they need to sound right.”

“The sub itself is a good performer too. As you might expect from a relatively large device with two 10” drivers, it manages to generate convincing low end extension. The movement of the trolls is captured with real depth and enthusiasm and there is little you are likely to encounter in a film soundtrack that it won’t do justice to. There is plenty of detail as well - impacts are not simply a dull thud but manage to compete with the satellites for nuance and believability.”

“...the sub manages to stay light on its feet and the commendable detail it showed in films is also present with music as well. There is a genuine sense of rhythm and timing to the presentation.”

“It sounds big, bold and extremely capable and nothing I used it with in terms of film or broadcast TV sounded anything other than deeply impressive.”

- Ed Selley,, June 2013

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MASS 5.1

October 2013

5 Stars for Mass from BBC Music Magazine

"The power produced by the diminutive satellite speakers is nothing short of breathtaking-this level of sound seems to have no business emanating from a system of this size...This is, pound for pound, one of the finest 5.1 systems I have across and one that is equally at home with music as it is with full movie surround."


MASS Stands

August 2013

MASS 5.1 System Reviewed by Sound & Vision

"I was startled to hear how well the MASS system conveyed the track’s dynamics and wall-of-sound mix: the drums had a thunderous effect that I could literally feel press against my chest, while the droning guitars sounded appropriately dense and spacious.”

“I noticed that the multiple layers of bells from a keyboard-controlled carillon had a full quality, with natural-sounding decay. Heard via the Monitor 2.1 configuration, the spatial positioning of the bells in the sound field was entirely convincing, while the track’s hypnotic bass-and-beats foundation was low-reaching and taut.”

“Despite the system’s reasonable cost, there was nothing “budget” about the W200 sub’s sound; it had both the definition and the extension characteristic of much more expensive models.”

“I next cued up the 6-channel mix of “The Space Between” from a 2003 SACD release of Roxy Music’s Avalon. I remember that when I played this track on Monitor’s Gold GX system, it delivered what seemed like the last word in multichannel envelopment and excitement. Of course, I was curious to hear how MASS would perform with the same material. The result? MASS packed a strong dynamic wallop, and it cleanly delineated between the kick drum and the bass guitar in the same manner that impressed me during my time with the Gold GX system.”

“Dialogue sounded both clear and full over a range of seats.”

“With MASS, not only will they get a full 5.1 system at an affordable price, but once they cart it home, set it up, and power it on, the experience is sure to exceed their expectations - and not by a small degree, either.”

- Al Griffin, Sound & Vision, September 2013

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MASS 5.1

August 2013

Sound & Vision Magazine: MASS Test Report

Sound & Vision magazine has examined Monitor Audio's own MASS 5.1 speaker package in a detailed Test Report. Esteemed reviewer Al Griffin gave his opinion of the system:

"Monitor Audio has distilled the know-how that informs its higher-end speaker lines into a compact speaker package aimed at home theater newbies, I can't help but envy them."

"With MASS, not only will they get a full 5.1 system at an affordable price, but...the experience is sure to exceed their expectations"

Read the full review in the September 2013 issue of Sound & Vision magazine.


March 2013

MASS 5.1 System Review

"The company's new MASS home cinema system breaks that boxy mold for a more streamlined, decor-friendly silhouette that's as sexy as it is industrial yet cutting edge at the same time."

"Creating impactful bass response is also not something that is too difficult although I have to admit that I’m still impressed with the MASS subwoofer’s performance in reproducing the constant thumping of low frequencies in the Pod Race scene of Star Wars Episode One."

"What impressed me is the how these speakers can combine subtlety in music and great dynamics in one package."

"The low-frequency sound effect coupled with music as Merida enters the stone enclave and when the sound building up to create the tension of the casting of the spell with a split second of silence just before the explosion is truly impressive. I didn’t expect both subtlety and dynamic can go one right after another with such ease."

"The natural sound of rain falling all around to create a feeling of shelter is expansive and realistic while the steering of the singing traveling into the center channel, leading us into a scene from the past, and then bringing us back out by returning to the surrounds and disappearing into the distance is remarkable."

"The Reverb in Merida’s voice after she falls into the throne room was reproduced with amazing subtlety and details."

"As Mor’du attacks, his sounds—voice, feet, claws, breathing—follow his location. The use of subwoofer and different channels to place emphasis on the ominous and large presence of this behemoth is not something that just any sub-sat speakers can handle. In fact most of them just can’t whereas the MASS 5.1 can do it without breaking a sweat."

"Overall, the MASS 5.1 is quite an amazing set of speakers; they are uncannily adept at conveying fine detail. It’s a very engaging and immersive system, and its incisive tone is well suited to atmospheric soundtracks. The fast timing and expressive mid-band is perfect for acoustic music and most soundtracks delivered to them."

- David Susilo,, February 2013

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MASS 5.1

February 2013

MASS Review in Home Cinema Choice Magazine

Mark Craven, editor of Home Cinema Choice magazine, is not one to hand over awards lightly. He’s seduced however by the MASS package: perfectly formed and priced, and complete with a mule’s kick in the bass department. He says “put into action with film soundtracks, the MASS system simply shines…the sound is crisp, detailed and utterly immersive. Overall, Monitor Audio’s newest product lineup is the perfect partner for a mid-range AVR in a living room cinema setup. Everything from the build quality and design to movie and (sub assisted) music performance impresses.”

Read the full review in Home Cinema Choice magazine issue 217.

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January 2013

MASS Is The Shape Of Things To Come!

"I believe Monitor Audio's Mass system is destined to be a good seller."

"I'm not sure exactly what shape each MASS 10 satellite is, but the tapered top and bottom are easy on the eye."

"The MASS 5.1 systems gives a good account of itself, easily justifying the price tag. As you'd expect given the satellites' homogenous nature, there's a smooth sound on show here as material moves around the soundstage. The overriding impression is one of clean high-frequencies and a fulsome mid-range."

"Lynyrd Skynyrd's Greatest Hits (CD) oozes out of the MAs with foot-tapping panache; the rhythm section unmuddled and tight, the percussive tocks and tings cleanly picked out."

"Bestowed with fantastic amounts of computer-derived bass, tracks like Hocus Pocus give the MA woofer a chance to flex its muscles, dropping deep and, essentially, turning your living room into a seedy nightclub. Its absolutely awesome..."

"Put into action with film soundtracks, the MASS system simply shines. With Jurassic Park on Blu-ray, the footfalls of the T-Rex sound suitably ominous and omnipotent and the Hollywood-science dialogue has presence and weight from the horizontal centre channel."

"...the package proves adept at putting you in the heart of the action."

"...the sound is crisp, detailed and utterly immersive."

"Overall, Monitor Audio's newest product lineup is the perfect partner for a mid-range AVR in a living room cinema setup. Everything from the build quality and design to movie and (sub-assisted) music performance impresses."

- Mark Craven, Home Cinema Choice, February 2013

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MASS Stands

December 2012

New MASS Speaker System: Compact Audio Excellence!

"Sense of scale…is astounding. We were blown away."
"Soaring dynamics."
"Amount of detail…impressed us."
"(Nothing) better at this price."
"Immense, dynamic exciting surround sound."

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MASS 5.1

October 2012

Small system, big sound, massive achievement.

It shouldn’t be possible for such room-filling sound to come from so space-friendly a system – yet it does! The experts at What Hi-Fi? have experienced a few unlikely outcomes in their time, but nothing as downright astonishing as the performance of our latest miracle of precision engineering: the highly bijou MASS AV system. And they’ve taken it to their hearts, awarding it five stars and price-class winner at this year’s What Hi-Fi? Awards. The team says:  

'What struck us immediately was the sense of scale and power - for such petite speakers, we were blown away by the big and confident output of sound. And they’re certainly capable of filling a decent-sized room as well; our testing rooms were engulfed in seamless, controlled soaring dynamics.'

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MASS 5.1

September 2014

"It sounds bigger than it actually is."

AV Forums tried Mass out, and asked "Can this unusually styled set of speakers take the fight to the category champions?"

Well, with a shiny 'AV Forums Recommended' award, it would appear that MASS certainly can! "MASS manages the most important achievement of any sub/sat system - it sounds bigger than it actually is." 

"The use of identical satellites means that the handover from speaker to speaker is seamless and this further aids the sense of being in the thick of the action. The reproduction of fine detail is extremely convincing and like its larger brethren, the MASS achieves this without needing to drive the bolts out of it - although you can push it fairly hard without it hardening up."

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Ramesh M V Monitor Audio UK

MASS 5.1

June 2015

A great product. Ultimate sound quality. The Sub W200 is the masterpiece. At half its capacity from the living, the effect is so good that it vibrates the doors of the study room and the entrance to the extent that my daughter wants me to reduce. Having said that... the sound quality is so perfect.

The 5 Monitor speakers are so cute and trendy. Adds value and power to the Living Room ambience.

For the price we paid, it is the best buy one could ever imagine. No other brand boasting of 'ultimate sound quality' is anywhere near Monitor, in my humble opinion.

"Must buy" for any one with an ear for Pro-Audio.

Glyn Raisey Monitor Audio UK

MASS Stands

June 2014

Simply blown away. I now have the job of listening to my music collection all over again. Everything sounds so detailed. Feed these speakers a blu ray movie and they really do come to life. The room I have these in is 16ft by 12ft and they fill the whole room with no effort at all.

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