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June 2016

Where The In-Wall Meets The Audiophile

In the June issue of Wifi Hifi, David Susilo writes about his experience with Monitor Audio's flagship Luxury In-Wall speaker from the Controlled Performance range, the CP-IW460X. The review couldn't have been better, as illustrated in some of the amazing quotes below...

"These are the first in-wall speakers I can actually say are good enough to replace standalone speakers for both home theatre and two-channel applications."

"...amazing sense of imaging. They are able to recreate a large soundstage but, at the same time, provide an exceptional amount of accuracy and multi-layered details."

"...I thought I was listening to a surround track."

"The woofers produced a mind-boggingly realistic bass response that blended with the music without ever overpowering the performance."

"...the CP-IW460X did an amazing job of bringing to life the warmth of these wonderful tunes."

"Dialogue in each film was produced with great detail and neutrality, even without a centre channel."

"I was shocked at just how much bass was coming from these in-walls. The CP-IW460X had zero trouble producing bass... and grabbed my attention from scene to scene."

"The overall experience was mesmerizing."

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Controlled Performance

August 2015

A "True Audiophile Performance" for Residential Systems

To get excellent sound for your home theater and musical needs, you need not always turn to box speakers. Some consumers prefer the in-ceiling / in-wall option for a more discreet look, and Monitor Audio offers a collection of speakers for that solution.

John Sciacca of Residential Systems reviewed Monitor Audio's CP (Controlled Performance) Trimless series, as well as the In-Wall Subwoofer system to find out if Monitor Audio's in-ceiling and in-wall solutions were as great sounding as they were discreet. This definitely proved to be true, as John states, "In the age-old choice between aesthetics and performance, Monitor Audio's Controlled Performance Series proves listeners can have both."


"...they excelled in producing great detail and had a nice wide dispersion that did an admirable job of filling the room with sound."


"Sonically, these are moving into the land of true bookshelf replacement, with rich audio that has plenty of depth and detail, as well as SPL."


"How good did the 380s sound? I had them in my showroom leaning against some tower speakers with built subs and playing some music, and a customer listened for a while and then said, 'Wow! Those tower speakers really sound great. Who makes those?'"


"The IWA-250 amp provides enough control to blend the sub's bass to match the speaker, room, and listening preference."

"...it definitely produces those lowest octaves in music, giving extra weight and presence to the sound."

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