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Bronze 6

December 2015

Bronze 6 Wins Reviewer's Choice Award

After reviewing the Bronze 6, Hans Wetzel from SoundStage Access had plenty of positive things to say about the speaker, and even saw fit to present the Bronze 6 with the SoundStage 'Reviewer's Choice' Award!

"These, I thought, are phenomenal speakers."

"The speaker did nothing wrong — which, in light of the price, is a tall compliment to Monitor's engineers."

"To my ears, Monitor Audio's Bronze 6 is near faultless."

"'s exciting, dynamic sound makes every listening experience memorable. Taut, punchy bass, broad soundstaging, a clean, articulate midrange, and remarkably composed sound at high SPLs make the Bronze 6 an easy recommendation."

"This killer loudspeaker is a high-water mark of audio value."

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Bronze 2

October 2015

Bronze 2AV System delivers a "Gold Medal Performance"

The Bronze 2AV system receives an amazing review from Ed Selley of, who also saw fit to award the Bronze package with the AVForums 'Best Buy' Award! Ed calls the Bronze system "some of the best built, most attractive and musically satisfying speakers at the price point." More great quotes are below...

"...the Bronze pack puts in a strong showing from the off... The fine detail retrieval is excellent..."

"There is no sense of bloat or boom and the W10 manages to do the all important job of any sub and load a room with a believable sense of pressure."

"At the back, the FX does a fine job of simply generating a greater sense of a rear soundfield... It never sounds forced or unnatural, it just works."

"The more you listen, the more it becomes clear that the Bronze Center is a bit of a star. It never draws attention to itself but effortlessly fills the space between the left and right channels and does an especially fine job with dialogue."

"Monitor Audio has managed to create a set of speakers that delivers a convincing cinematic performance that is a cut above the competition at the price."

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Bronze 5

October 2015

5 star masterclass from the Bronze 5

The new Bronze 5 has put some distance between it and the BX5 with a stunning first-test result in Hi-Fi Choice mag. Following the excellent five-star review for the Bronze 2 in What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision, David Vivian’s experience clearly reveals the audiophile nature and astonishing value offered by the new Bronze series. Awarding a Hi-Fi Choice recommended badge and a maximum five stars for sound quality, value, ease of drive and overall, he says “…Bronze 5 doesn’t come across like an incremental evolution of the BX5. Instead, it looks and sounds as if it should cost at least £1,000…straight away I’m hooked by the bijou tower’s powers of resolution and capacity to dig deep into a recording. The inner detail it captures can sometimes seem mesmerising…That such compelling clarity, grip, dynamics and enormous musical insight can be experienced from a slim box at a beer budget price is a powerful statement.”

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Bronze 5

October 2015

Bronze 5 AV System: PRODUCT OF THE YEAR!!

The Bronze 5 AV system was a standout performer at the 2015 What Hi-Fi? Awards, taking home the prestigious 'Product Of The Year' Award for Best Traditional Speaker Package £1000-£2000! What Hi-Fi? calls the Bronze system "a brilliant surround sound speaker package..."

"Monitor Audio has taken a previous Award-winning package and raised the bar for its rivals."

"Instruments are brilliantly organized and offered a generous amount of space in which to breathe, but most of all they are expressive and terrifically rhythmic."

"The surround sound field is cohesive, and there's great tonal matching between the channels."

"Voices are clear, warm and expressive, there is depth to sounds such as the fizz of Travis's Alka-Seltzer and real attack to the gunshots."

"This package delivers a sound that is bold and capable of great subtlety and dynamics."

Bronze 5

September 2015

Bronze 5.1 System "Hit The Jackpot"

The Bronze 5 AV system earns a 'Trusted Reviews Recommended' Award to go along with a fantastic review courtesy of Danny Phillips, who says the Bronze package is "a remarkably detailed and insightful performer, but doesn't skimp on power and scale. This is thanks to a powerhouse sub that doles out deep, thumping bass like it was going out of fashion." More excellent quotes are below...

"There's a lovely sense of depth to music and voices that keeps you hooked."

"Every scene is bursting with detail and texture..."

"It's sumptuous design is worth every penny of the asking price, while sophisticated sound quality turns music and movies into a thing of beauty."

"...musically we think it's second to none."

Bronze 2

July 2015

Bronze 2: Five-Star Review For These "Stunning Standmounters."

The review team at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision says the new Bronze range "is back with a bang", and calls the Bronze 2 "a truly complete speaker for the money". More comments are below:

"...these Monitor Audios are hugely talented performers."

"These Monitor Audios sail through the test. They have delicacy when required and handle dynamics deftly."

"It's a spellbinding performance, out of keeping from what we normally hear at this level."

"Low frequencies are articulate and delivered with plenty of control."

"The Bronze 2s' open and explicit midrange makes the most of vocals, delivering them in an expressive way, while there's plenty in the way of attack to keep us interested."

"For their size, these speakers dig deep in the bass; they're tonally balanced and impressively detailed too. Add fine build and Monitor Audio's usual high standard of finish and there's much to applaud here."

"Previous generations of Bronze 2s were class leaders. As it turns out, this one is too."

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User reviews

Frans Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 5

February 2016

Good value for money at this price-point. They shine at higher volumes and has slightly better bass/midrange clarity/definition than the (more expensive) B&W 684s. These are good entry-level stereo speakers that seems to go well with most entry-level amplifiers.

Andy Scholefield Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 5

February 2016

Fantastic, rich, room filling sound, produces amazing clarity across all music genres, I've had more expensive bigger brand speakers that haven't come anywhere near delivering the sound quality that these can, truly wonderful in all areas.

Used with TEAC reference 500

Ian Halstead Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 5

February 2016

The Bronze 5 had a tough act to follow – a pair of Epos ES14 stand-mounted speakers, renowned for their open and dynamic delivery. Well, things have evidently moved on in the last 25 years, and far more so than I had suspected.

The Bronze 5 delivers a much higher quality at the top end, with the slight sizzle of the Epos completely gone, and replaced with a smooth and revealing quality that brings believability to cymbals and percussion. I swear I can now tell if a cymbal is hit with an all wooden stick or a nylon tipped one.

The midrange is also more revealing, extracting unheard detail from complex material. The bass end is taught and articulate, with plenty of slam and extension, once positioning in the room is experimented with.

The sound stage has expanded as the drive units have been worn in, giving excellent imagery. As a partner to a Linn LP12, Naim 42.5/110 and Arcam Alpha 7SE CD player, they've slotted in seamlessly. With a not dissimilar voicing to the old Epos speakers, but with oodles more detail, I couldn't be more pleased with how they sound.

Epos, may I introduce you to Ebay?

Jim Nadlonek Monitor Audio USA

Bronze 2

February 2016

UFB! Sound is amazing. Two small bookshelf speakers for my office are outstanding! Far best in class speakers by far. I just might have to add some more speakers!

Dave Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 5

November 2015

Amazing speakers for the money, wide and detailed soundstage from well built attractive compact towers. Truly stunning with my Marantz PM6005/CD6005 combo.

Martin Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 2

November 2015

Stunning speakers. Have a listen to these speakers, you'll soon understand why they get 5 stars from what hi-fi!. The speakers have given my music a new dynamic edge. Well worth the money.

Peter Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 1

October 2015

Good looking speakers that perform well beyond the pricepoint. They need long run in period, but after that the sound is crisp, transparent with lots of three dimensional capacities. They sound like small floorstanders, the bass is solid and fast. They have some strange magical touch when it comes to vocals. Very difficult to find better baby monitors than this, and definitly not at this pricepoint.

James Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 2

August 2015

Absolutely stunning. Brilliant treble, mid range and bass. Versatile and they love all genres of music. An absolute steal at this price point.

sam Monitor Audio UK

Bronze 2

August 2015

The sound is completely amazing for the price, the bass is tight and the highs are just perfect. At begining, they might sound a bit high and lacking in warmth, but let hours past by and the sound will bluff you, for the price and size, at least, to me. I would have give 5 stars, but I think that the finish could have being better.

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