• Dedicated Stand Dedicated Stand
  • Footprint 240mm x 280mm


A10 Stands technology
  • Secure, stable and stylish alternative to wall fixing
  • Internally wired with our own Silver Pureflow® cable so that no manual cable connection is required
  • Die-cast aluminium plinth and extruded aluminium support




916.50mm (36 inches)


240mm (9.45 inches)


280mm (11 inches)

Professional reviews


February 2012

Apex earns the "Trusted Reviews Recommended" title

Reviewer Danny Phillips tests the Apex 10 AW12 package, awarding it the Trusted Reviews Recommended title and an overwhelmingly positive review:

"You certainly get a lot of speaker for your money, but it’s the shape and styling that’ll really leave your jaw hanging."

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October 2011

What Hi-Fi? Award Winner 2011

Best style speaker package £2000+, Awards 2011. An expensive style system, to be sure, but also a fabulous one.

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February 2011

Apex has the pecs

"...High-frequencies are smooth as silk, speech couldn't be clearer if the actors were in the room and the rear soundstage is willfully expansive.  And with music, this system nailed the emotion and energy of any recording I threw at it. Clean, full bodied vocals, metronomic timing and wonderful detail reproduction make for a spine-tingling listen and reveal it to be a fantastic all-rounder."

User reviews

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Michael Smith Monitor Audio UK

A10 Stands

November 2011

Very stylish well made and thought out speaker stands.

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