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Radius 90

July 2015

Radius 90 (With Airstream A100)

A great review from the July 2015 issue of Wifihifi, which discusses the high performance sound from the R90 and A100 system...

"...sounded warm and full, with a lovely texture in the strings."

"Rava's trumpet had delicious bite without being overbearing, and Stefano' Bollani's masterful piano work was beautifully delineated."

"Larry Grenadier's double bass sounded surprisingly satisfying."

"...this is a very enjoyable system, equally satisfying when listening up close, or when sitting back and listening out loud in a small to medium-sized room."


January 2015


"Some audio products blow you away with detail; others lull you into a relaxing stupor with a smooth, sultry sound. Monitor Audio’s little Airstream A100 struck a fine balance, confidently striding precisely between these two camps."

"I was smitten by its sound"

" once rich yet detailed, smooth but with a hint of sparkle, and surprisingly neutral."

"I was worried that this inexpensive, flyweight box, outputting only 50Wpc, might not be able to drive my big floorstanders well enough to produce the bass depth and control needed to properly energize my room. I was floored when it managed to do both."

"...the A100 grabbed the 8” woofers of my 90dB-efficient KEFs and forced them to dig deep. In this regard, the A100 was ear-opening."

"The midrange was beautifully weighted, neither forward nor recessed, and the Monitor’s built-in Cirrus DAC did an impressive job of unraveling low-level detail."

"Regina Spektor’s lithe vocals in “Fidelity,” from her Begin to Hope (256kbps MP3, Sire), were spry and clean, with very little of the haze and muddle that so often plague inexpensive all-in-one designs. On the contrary, Spektor’s voice was portrayed on the soundstage with reasonable precision and surprising clarity."

" was far more articulate through the mids than I ever would have expected."

"That the Monitor not only does nothing wrong, but an awful lot right, is a real achievement."

"I could listen to singer-songwriters for weeks at a time through the A100 and it would continue to command my rapt attention."

"With analog, digital, and wireless connectivity, an accomplished class-AB amplifier -- something its competitors can’t boast -- and sound quality that reaches well past its $499 price, it comes highly, highly recommended. $500 never sounded so good."

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December 2014

Five-star rating for the Airstream A100

Monitor Audio's Airstream A100 has been pitted against some of its peers in the latest What Hi-Fi? Magazine test on amplifiers. The A100 was reviewed back in August of this year, and it's great to see that the A100 is still leaving a lasting impression. Right from the start the A100 impresses with its stylish design and composed, insightful sound:

"The spread of sound is wonderfully open and wide - far wider than with any rival. And in that spacious soundfield the music is crisp and clear. The level of detail is stunning, and it conveys a tune - with a great deal of composure and refinement."

The review concludes for our AirPlay® Amplifier with the following:

"...The A100's smart, sleek design is gorgeous, and its spacious, insightful sound will garner many fans."

Read the full review in the December 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Magazine.


October 2014

Airstream S300 Five-Star Review

"There's a lot to love about the Monitor Audio Airstream S300...."

"We play Lana Del Rey's West Coast and the S300's rich, full-bodied tone jumps to it; Lana's drowsy, breathy vocal is presented with expression and clarity."

"The midrange has a wonderfully clean character, and there's stacks of detail, giving a real insight into the track's subtler moments."

"The midrange stretches up into a smooth, controlled top end that can handle the hand claps on Kingdom's Bank Headwithout ever drifting into sharpness or hard territory."

"It's an alluring sound that grabs your attention right away and holds it, indulging you in a detailed and dynamic performance that will entertain time and again."

"...iOS users should most certainly RSVP."


October 2014

White Gold

"Awesome sonics and stunning design mean Monitor Audio's first amp will be more than just a head turner."

"Starting with the analogue input connected to a CD drive I am instantly enamoured by the A100's smoothness, detail and staging."

"The finger clicking and bass plucking at the start of Diana Krall's My Love Is is quite sumptuous and the vocals have a mesmerising quality that fills my listening room with ease."

"What strikes me is not just the amazing clarity that a Class A/B amp offers, but the sense of airiness and balance throughout the dynamic range."

"The King's Singers' version of Paul Simon's The Boxer is equally engaging with spine-tingling harmonies that really have to be heard to be believed."

"The vocals at the start of Chris Jones' Darlin' Cory are hauntingly engaging, while the guitar strums with refinement and gusto."

"Results with AirPlay are no less impressive, Silent Shout by The Knife proves that bass extension is particularly impressive, underpinning the mid-range and high notes of the synth to perfection."

"DLNA streaming of hi-res files is the cream on the cake, offering incredible scale and depth to recordings such as a 24/192 download of Mozart's Violin Concerto No.4 in D Major."

- Adrian Justins, Hi-Fi Choice, July 2014

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August 2014

"Big, exciting sound; superb clarity; stacks of detail; dynamic and entertaining"

"It's an alluring sound that grabs your attention right away and holds it, indulging you in a detailed and dynamic performance that will entertain time and again."

Read the full review in the October 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Magazine.


August 2014

A100: Trusted Reviews Recommended!

Reviewer Danny Phillips has tested our A100 AirPlay® Amplifier in both music streaming and home cinema applications.

"If you’re using the A100 with an iOS device, AirPlay setup is a piece of cake thanks to Wi-Fi sharing. Just connect the device to the USB port, press the Wi-Fi button on the back of the A100 and a dialogue box appears on the device asking if you want to share Wi-Fi settings. Job done."

"...effects are dispatched with real bite but the A100’s remarkable composure means they never sound harsh or resonant, which keeps the sound listenable even at high volumes – and it certainly goes loud when you need it to. God help your neighbours."

"Another of the A100’s assets is its terrific treble reproduction. Crisp, sparkling highs breathe life into every scene and keep dullness from the door, plus it brings out subtle textures that more heavy-handed amps overlook. But it doesn’t overdo it – there’s a nice balance right across the spectrum."

On awarding the A100 a Trusted Reviews Recommended title, Danny concludes with the following:

"We love its radical, eye-catching design, which sets it apart from virtually every other sound system on the market, while its luxurious build and generous connectivity options (including AirPlay) are other plus points. But we’re most impressed by the A100’s sumptuous sound quality, which is powerful but imbued with the sort of refinement and composure we’ve come to expect from other Monitor Audio products."

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August 2014

Five-star rating for the Airstream A100

Monitor Audio's first ever amplifier, the Airstream A100 takes centre stage in a What Hi-Fi? Magazine First Test! Right from the start the A100 impresses with sheer performance and versatility:

"This Monitor Audio delivers an unusually wide soundstage and populates it with a decent amount of precision. We're impressed by its refinement too. This quality isn't bought at the expense of treble bite, with the highs being delivered with a good amount of sparkle. The overall tonal balance is nicely even, with no part of the frequency range dominating."

The review concludes with a clear verdict for our AirPlay® Amplifier:

"...we feel the A100 deserves a five-star rating. It's a brave product that performs well and can be used in situations where conventional alternatives wouldnt even get a look in."

Read the full review in the August 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Magazine.


July 2014

Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award

Monitor Audio's very own Airstream A100 has received further praise for it's versatility and ability. With both DLNA and AirPlay® streaming delivering class leading audio quality and earning an impressive Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award in the latest review.

Adrian Justins, technology feature writer for Hi-Fi Choice examines our small but mighty amplifier:

"DLNA streaming of hi-res files is the cream on the cake, offering incredible scale and depth to recordings such as a 24/192 download of Mozart’s Violin Concerto No.4 in D Major."

"Results with AirPlay are no less impressive, Silent Shout by The Knife proves that bass extension is particularly impressive, underpinning the mid-range and high notes of the synth to perfection.'

Read the full review in the latest issue of Hi-Fi Choice.


July 2014

A100 adds a 'Red Dot' to its Five-Star Design

Having wowed the team at ‘What Hi-Fi?’ the A100 is now recognised internationally as a supreme example of design engineering by winning a coveted ‘Red Dot’ award. One of a total of 4,815 entries from 53 countries, the compact, innovative and oh-so-connected A100 network-ready amplifier impressed the 40-strong Red Dot jury of experts with an exclusive blend of technology and style. Monitor Audio’s A100 received the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014” at a gala ceremony held at Essen, Germany on 7 July 2014. It is now on display during a four-week special exhibition at the city’s Red Dot Design Museum until 3rd August.


July 2014

Wireless Audio Looks To Be In Good Shape

"The result is a lively and entertaining performance that allows us to sit back and enjoy the likes of Johnny Cash's 'Solitary Man'. There's a good sense of detail and energy, with Cash's gravely vocals coming through with a pleasing dose of emotion."

"The A100 may look like a style-based product but its capable of proper hi-fi sound too."

"We start off with Orff's 'Carmina Burana' from our reference Naim NDS streamer and are impressed with this Monitor Audio's punch. It delivers large-scale dynamics with a surprising degree of composure. There's no shortage of volume either."

"This Monitor Audio delivers an unusually wide soundstage and populates it with a decent amount of precision. We're impressed by its refinement too."

"The overall tonal balance is nicely even, with no part of the frequency range dominating."

"We like the A100's bass weight and grip, as well as its ability to keep the song's coarse signature in check."

"We listen to a range of music from Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' to Kanye West's New Slaves and the Monitor Audio acquits itself with honour. It sounds insightful and composed, with enough in the way of drive and dynamics to satisfy."

"We feel the A100 deserves a five-star rating. It's a brave product that performs well and can be used in situations where conventional alternatives wouldn't even get a look-in. For that alone it deserves plenty of credit."

- What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, June 2014

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January 2014

A100 shoots for the stars

What Hi-Fi Magazine highlighted the A100 amongst a handful of products as one of their 'Stars of CES'

"Monitor Audio has broken from tradition – and its established speaker business – by creating a modern, forward-thinking and radical-looking digital amplifier with AirPlay and DLNA streaming built in."

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June 2013

Airstream WS100 - The Answer To Poor Sonics in your Laptop or Desktop?

"The aluminum cubes look smart... they look better than the price tag suggests."

"You can pair four sets of speakers if you wish and the dedicated dongle technology is impressive and simple to set up."

"Tilting the speakers back for the best performance is easy and feels natural... Powered by amplifiers in each speaker, the WS100s are assured and loud. The cube style means there's plenty of space for a meaty sound and the stereo effect is made even better by tilting each speaker back."

"Sonically, these speakers beat many budget hi-fi systems hands down - without the design, remote and wireless skills, they would still represent a decent buy."

"If you have a home office and need decent sound for the price of a pair of decent headphones, these speakers are enough to worry rivals at twice the price. Build is amazing and that's not something we say lightly about laptop speakers."

"Sound rivals the best dock systems at this price but then beats them for laptop and desktop use by offering a 1m stereo soundstage."

"Sit back from them on a desk while they're tilted back and you'll be surprised at the performance. They're worth every penny if you can live without AirPlay and Bluetooth."

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June 2013

We Can't Believe It's Wireless: Airstream WS100 Speakers

“Installation is easier than any other desktop speaker system you've ever used.”

" These are the best 2.0 speakers this size that we've heard, with lush and vibrant mids and surprisingly present highs."

"We played through around a hundred hours of music and movies, and found few instances where we were anything less than impressed."

"Nothing was ever harsh, and acoustic tracks (think B.B. King) had appropriate punch."

"Altogether, Monitor offers an easy, sleek, and winning package."

- Greg May,, May 2013

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May 2013


“And they sound great... there’s impressive scale for speakers so small. The atmospheric sound of the track fills the room, doing a fine job of belying the diminutive dimensions.”

“Timing is good, while there’s impressive punch and detail.”

“Bass notes go deep and remain clear and controlled. Turn the WS100s up and not only will you be impressed by the volume and clarity, you’ll really notice the punch and dynamics.”

“Wireless music delivery gives you added flexibility, and audio performance remains impressive. There’s little drop-off in sound quality, and the connection proves solid, suffering no drop-outs or instability even in our listening rooms, which are surrounded by more wireless networks and devices than the average home or office.”

“These Monitor Audio WS100 speakers remain a great set of stylish, compact and excellent-sounding desktop speakers, with the added flexibility of wireless connectivity. They come highly recommended.”

“The perfect size for such a product, nicely styled with a neat design feature, and offering wireless streaming, they’re the complete desktop speaker on paper. And they seal the deal with superb sound that defies their dimensions.”

- What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, April 2013

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May 2013

Airstream WS100 Sound+Vision Review

“Monitor Audio’s WS100 sports a streamlined design that will let it blend with most environments.”

“With its fleshed-out, dynamic sound, the compact WS100 performs better than most desktop speakers I’ve encountered: Guitars and other acoustic instruments had texture and body, and drums sounded like actual drums.”

“...the bass it does put out sounds tuneful and tight. And it plays loud! With the WS100 sitting on a desk 3 feet from your head, chances are you’ll cry uncle and turn the volume down long before these speakers show signs of strain.”

- Al Griffin, Sound+Vision, November 2012


March 2013

WS100 Wireless Powered Desktop Speaker

"Making the WS100s work was a snap and did not require even so much as a peak at the included Quick Start Guide."

"The Monitor Audio WS100s sound really good. They sound surprisingly full-bodied considering they're rated at 80Hz - 25kHz."

"The practically disappear on my desktop."

"The WS100s sound, in a word, fun."

"And the very clever in-built hinged stands provide just the right amount of tilt to deliver that surprisingly full-bodied sound to your ears."

"I find them well balanced and engaging and the Wi-Fi worked flawlessly in-room as advertised. And they look good, especially with the like-designed computers."

"If you are looking for a small, attractive, good-sounding, reasonably-priced powered wireless speaker with a built-in DAC and stands for near-field listening, I would send you to Monitor Audio and their WS100s in a heart beat."

- Michael Lavorgna,, November 2012

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February 2013

WS100: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision draws a Five-Star Conclusion

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Magazine loves everything about the WS100 wireless desktop speaker system. Not only is the sound ‘seriously good’, the build is ‘reassuringly weighty and sturdy’ and the SKAA connection ‘reliable and robust’. In fact, says the mag, ‘it’s hard to believe these speakers cost just £250. If you’re looking for an instant upgrade to sound from your computer, ‘the WS100s are capable of greater scale and dynamics than many rivals at this price’. According to the experts at What Hi-Fi, ‘the hunt for excellent desktop speakers just got a little easier’. Five star verdict!

Read the full review here


February 2013

Airstream WS100 - Premium Desktop Hi-Fi

"The WS100's die-cast aluminum cubes are a good size and feel reassuringly weighty and sturdy."

"In practice, we were treated to a reliable and robust connection - there was no signal breakup, even with the speakers and dongle in separate rooms."

"Considering their size, the WS100s are capable of greater scale and dynamics then many rivals at this price. Stream Childish Gambino's L.E.S. and the sealed boxes fire out a solid bass kick."

"Edges of notes are well defined while strings flow with an air of both subtlety and authority."

"Switch to the 3.5mm auxiliary input and the tune sounds even smoother and more natural."

"Perched on a desktop or shelf, they can fire out a seriously good sound."

FOR: Decent price; excellent build; stable streaming; fantastic clarity, scale and detail.

VERDICT: The hunt for excellent desktop speakers just got a little easier.

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January 2013

WS100 review by Trusted Reviews

If you’re looking for an easy way to maximise sound from your computer in-room and around the home, the WS100 system will fit the bill, says Trusted’s Gordon Kelly. In scoring the system 8/10 with a coveted ‘recommended’ citation he says “…those living in the dock world will have forgotten what a difference clear left and right channels can make, particularly to the high quality audio sources provided by the DAC. In addition SKAA streaming works brilliantly. There is no lag (something which haunts AirPlay users), no trouble streaming even the highest bitrate lossless files and we heard no drop-outs during a full day's listening…We like the WS100 a great deal. Monitor Audio has combined cutting edge SKAA wireless connectivity with high class audio to produce an exceptional pair of desktop speakers which are equally happy in a kitchen or under the TV as sat next to a computer. Add to that SKAA's ability to pair with as many as four sets of WS100s and there is expandability in there too.”

Read the full review


December 2012

Best Buy for Wire-Free Wonders

"Monitor Audio has outdone itself with the Airstream WS100 speakers. If you want a simple wireless audio solution with outstanding sound quality at a great price, look no further."

Read the full review


December 2012

WS100 Review in BBC Music Magazine's Audio Round-Up

"In keeping with Monitor Audio's heritage, the system delivers huge levels of detail and has a surprising amount of sound, given the compact size of the speakers, largely due to its custom design."

Read the full review in January's issue of BBC Music Magazine, available now.

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Owen Dunne Monitor Audio UK

A100 Amplifier

January 2017

Great for using on Spotify with Monitor Audio speakers

Tom Wright Monitor Audio UK


May 2014

I bought these speakers as a no-fuss hi fi alternative. All of my music is on my laptop these days either as MP3's or on Spotify. I have previously had a NAD system with MA Bronze II's; so I am used to quality sound. The Airstream WS100 speakers are excellent! The sound quality from such a small speaker is incredible. They are very solidly built and the finish is second to none. The SKAA system really works well and bypassing the laptops' sound processing electronics makes the quality of sound unbelieveable. The only criticisms I have are that the remote isn't great for range and has to be pointed in a certain way and the speakers don't go quite as loud as some. But then they never distort. Overall I would say they are well worth the money and blow away anything in the same price range (I listened to all of the competitors before buying).