Two 5-STAR Reviews In One Month!

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Silver 6G has hit the ground running, receiving two 5-STAR reviews in a single month from What Hi-Fi?

Silver200 AV12

One of the first reviews for Monitor Audio's new Silver Series comes from What Hi-Fi?, who reviewed the Silver 200 speakers in early August. They called the Silver 200s "Monitor Audio's finest Silver Series floorstanders yet."

As if they couldn't get enough of just the Silver 200s on their own, What Hi-Fi? moved on to review the Silver 200 AV12 system just a couple of weeks later! The system comprised the Silver C150 center channel, the Silver FX surround speakers and the Silver W-12 subwoofer, who all joined the Silver 200s in gaining another impressive 5-STAR review.

What Hi-Fi? praised the full range of the speaker package, stating that "the crashes, bangs and wallops of The Lego Batman Movie are thrown at us, as if physically travelling around the room with incredible cohesion as each speaker complements the others' character."

What Hi-Fi? continues their praise of the package and states:

"Rarely are we so fully behind a speaker package for its work both in stereo and in surround sound, but with these Monitor Audio Silvers you truly are achieving both for the price of one."


Read the FULL review here.


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